Ancient Corinth


Ancient Corinth

In the archeological site of Ancient Korinthos, 9km SW of the modern town, among others you can see the ruins of Pirini fountain, Apollo precinct, the foundations of a large Roman basilica, Goddess Tichi (Luck) or Apollo Klarios temple, Agora shops, Apollo’s temple, the ruins of Lerna theater and fountain.
Acrockorinthos mountain settlement dates back to 4000 B.C. and on its foot used to be an ancient city. In the archeological site operates the Archeological Museum (constructed during 1931-32) with a collection of exhibitions from the Prehistoric Era up to the Roman and Byzantine times. It is worth to see the great Mycenaean crater (approximately 1200 B.C.), the Corinthian amphora with cap (600 B.C.) etc

Food and Drink

In Korinthia, region ofl, sweet and dark Corinth Raisin. The town is also where lotuses are cultivated, offering you a new sensation in tastes.
Grilled meat/ fish, olives, fried cheese and local wine


By train , bus or car
From Athens to Corinth by train or bus. The bus probably the easiest, and take about one and a half hours. It leaves from the KTEL bus terminal A, but note that this is not in the center of Athens, but about 7km to the northwest.
The train, take the public transport to Kiato and change there for the train to Corinth. These are run by the OSE train services.
When you get to Corinth, you can take a bus from the KTEL bus station to ancient Corinth.


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