Historical town center of Kavala will warm your hearth. Narrow cobblestone streets towards the castle are curling between old stone buildings. This is one of the spots to be seen in the town. There are cafes with wonderful views that you can rest through your wander around the town.

The most attractive place in Kavala without any doubt, is the Mansion of Mehmet Ali Pasha. Its has been rumored that Greek people loves him just for starting an uprising against Ottomans after he promoted as the governor of the Egypt.There is also a statue of him. Further there is a church just next to and gardens with an amazing see sight behind the mansion. This place is a wonderful place to watch sunset.

Its possible to visit towns of Komotini (Gumulcine, Xanthi (Iskece) and Alexandroupoli (Dedeagac) on the way to Kavala. We recommend to visit these places on the way if you are going with your vehicle. Both presence of Turks and interest of Turkish tourists leads to use of Turkish widely.

If you visit Kavala in summer you shall stop by Thassos Island. It will be a cheap but high quality rest alternative with its quite and pretty beaches and hearth warming atmosphere, small but charming restaurants, and also you will enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters. There are ferries departing from Kavala throughout the day.

Food and Drink

There are shopping places and restaurants aligned in the city center. Maybe its view is not as glamours as the view from the castle, but Kavala shores can offer you palatable dinner.

For last lets remind you the first thing that pops to mind about Kavala’s food: Kavala cookies. You can find both cookie factories and sales shops in front of them .


Kavala can be reached either by plane or by public bus from Athens.
From Istanbul it takes about 6 hours to go to Kavala.


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