Kos is subject to municipality of 12 Islands. It has a population over 30 thousands. There are ancient ruins in the island. A tree (Hippocrates Tree), mostly related with Hippocrates, in the Kos city is quite famous. Every year thousands of doctors visit the island for being the birth place of the founder of medicine, Hippocrates.  Some of the natives of the island are Greek Muslim Turks.

Island conquered by Venetians and then sold to Saint John Knights, two centuries later knights’ face with invasion of Turks and leave the island to the Ottomans. Ottoman Empire governs the island for 400 years till its left to the Italians. Marks left by Ottoman are still can be seen even today. One of these is the Deftardar Mosque in the centre. The small square mosque situated is the hearth of the island and the market place. You can enjoy wide availability for shopping at the many shops selling touristic items and local products and coffee in the market place. The covered spice bazaar is one of the most favourite places of the market

It’s needed to follow the road from the port that leads to right to find a place to swim. Here there is a narrow but long beach with many touristic businesses lined through the beach. Beach is very crowded at peak season, yet sea of Kos is very clear.

Kardemena, Kefalos, Tigaki, Antimachia, Mastihari, Marmari and Pyli are the most known bays of Kos Island. Exotic Beach, Magic Beach, Sunny Beach, Banana Beach, Paradise Beach and Camel Beach are some of the famous beaches. Selveri beach, which is 4 km from the centre of Kos Island is the best place where sand and sea are get along.

Food and Drink

There are many alternatives for eating at the town centre of Kos. Further there are small fish restaurants in villages. In this island that you can taste most fresh sea food, its possible to try various cocktails with or without alcohol in bars or cafes.


There are daily flights from Athens. From Piraeus port it takes 10 hours by boat but also from Rhodes Port 2.5 hours by fast ferry.Regular ferries from Bodrum port is used to go to the island from Turkey. This trip takes 45 minutes.


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