Parikía (Parikiá), the capital of Páros, is a beautiful Cycladic village with whitewashed cubic houses and impressive neoclassical mansions. A well preserved 13th century Venetian castle stands proudly on a hill at the center of the village offering an amazing view of Parikía.

Golden Beach and New Golden Beach are the most famous Paros beaches, ideal for windsurfing and kite surfing. Other beaches in Paros are Santa Maria, Kolymbithres and Parasporos. As it is located in the centre of Cyclades, holidays in Paros can be combined with holidays to other islands, such as Paros, Antiparos or Mykonos.

Food and Drink

Snails seasoned with garlic dip, saddled seabream cooked with potatoes and zucchini, artichokes with beans, chickpea soups, and sun-dried fish wait for you on Paros.

The Cyclades offers the islands wonderful and abundant treats: divine fish soups, grilled fish or cooked with vegetables, dried or salted so that you enjoy it with your ouzo: The few sheep and goats give milk for rich milk and mouth watering cheese.


Paros is connected by ferry to Piraeus, Rafína, Lávrio and the rest of the Cyclades. You can reach Paros by airplane from the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki.



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